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My company maintains an internal fork of django-piston to drive our API service. One of the more important contributions of our fork involves adding a field to one of the piston models, and I'd like to contribute back to the community because it addresses a serious scalability issue in the project. However, django-piston does have any support for South migrations (the de-facto Django migration tool), so I'm not sure how to gracefully include the schema changes in a pull request.

I've tried reaching out on the google group, but my post won't be posted until it is moderated, which will probably not happen soon, if ever. I think this code will be quite useful to other users of django-piston, so I'd like to make it available.

My options seem to be:

  • Submit a PR without any migrations, and hope that the maintainer is engaged enough to give feedback on how to proceed
  • Add a django-south dependency to the project, and include a normal migration in the pull request
  • Implement some sort of custom migration handling and include that with the PR - I don't even know how I would go about this

None of these are great options. Is there a "correct" way to handle this sort of contribution?

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Even if you send a pull request, they wont probably merge it before testing it. Either way, you cannot proceed without talking to the project maintainers. See for ways to reach them. –  Bibhas Aug 2 '13 at 18:41

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