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By using bootstrap i was moving some source files to master node. While creating the jobflow through elastic-mapreduce-client, I will pass a pig script, that will launch embedded python from the source files that present in master node.

following commands i have used to create the jobflow,

./elastic-mapreduce --create --alive --name "AutoTest" \
--instance-group master --instance-type m1.small \
--instance-count 1 --bid-price 0.20 \
--instance-group core --instance-type m1.small \
--instance-count 2 --bid-price 0.20 \
--log-uri s3n://test/logs \
--bootstrap-action "s3://test/bootstrap-actions/download.sh" \
--pig-script \
--args s3://test/rollups.pig

rollups.pig contains the following code that launches the embedded pig file,

sh pig automate.py

If i run the rollups.pig in local machine, it will fire the automate.py successfully. but when i try to run this by using amazon elastic map reduce, it is not working ?

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