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I know how to draw simple lines using Core Graphics. I now need to draw a Dimension line for measurements. See the image below for an example of what I need to draw (in red). The top line would be easy, but drawing the perpendicular on a diagonal line will require some math that I'm having a difficult time figuring out right now.

Each main line will have (x,y) as a starting point and (x1,y1) as an ending point. I then need to draw the perpendicular lines that intersect at each of the points (x,y) and (x1,y1).

What is the math required to calculate the points for these perpendicular lines?

enter image description here

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The following code computes a vector of length 1 that is perpendicular to the line from p = (x, y) to p1 = (x1, y1):

CGPoint p = CGPointMake(x, y);
CGPoint p1 = CGPointMake(x1, y1);

// Vector from p to p1;
CGPoint diff = CGPointMake(p1.x - p.x, p1.y - p.y);
// Distance from p to p1:
CGFloat length = hypotf(diff.x, diff.y);
// Normalize difference vector to length 1:
diff.x /= length;
diff.y /= length;
// Compute perpendicular vector:
CGPoint perp = CGPointMake(-diff.y, diff.x);

Now you add and subtract a multiple of that perpendicular vector to the first point to get the endpoints of the first marker line at p:

CGFloat markLength = 3.0; // Whatever you need ...
CGPoint a = CGPointMake(p.x + perp.x * markLength/2, p.y + perp.y * markLength/2);
CGPoint b = CGPointMake(p.x - perp.x * markLength/2, p.y - perp.y * markLength/2);

For the second marker line, just repeat the last calculation with p1 instead of p.

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this is perfect, thank you! –  thephatp Aug 2 '13 at 23:01

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