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I'm trying to open a new page in a new tab.

I've tried window.open ('MyURL'); without informing a name but still it opens in a new window.

I can't replace the current tab, I need to open a new tab with a new content.

What can I do?

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It looks like you're saying you want to open the new URL in a new tab, right?

Refer to these questions, which were in the related search:
Javascript: open new page in same window
Open url in new tab using javascript

Specifically, window.open(url, '_blank');

The _blank should do it, if I understand what you're asking.

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Sorry for the incorrect title, would be best "opening a new tab in the same window" When I use the onclick event directly <img class="btnImprimir" id="btnImprimir1" src="/Images//btnImprimir.png" onclick="window.open('DespxFat.aspx)"/> The browser opens a new tab But if I use window.open in a function <img class="btnImprimir" id="btnImprimir1" src="/Images//btnImprimir.png" onclick="OpenReport()"/> OpenReport function () { window.open ('DespxFat.aspx); } The browser opens a new window – Eu Kaique Aug 2 '13 at 20:24
So did the _blank help with that? I guess I've never see that behavior differ from place to place like that. – shortstuffsushi Aug 6 '13 at 14:45

Simply do

window.location = 'MyURL';

This will replace the current page in the same window.

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