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I'm working on an app the uses multiple (but similar) controllers (controllerA) on a page and another controller (controllerB) that could change some properties, but ONLY if the element of controllerA was previously selected.

(in controllerA some properties could have default values, that are passed and applied by using data- attributes)

In this stage, I can only modify the last color property with controllerB (which makes sense, because that's the active scope. My question is, how can I change controllerB scope to be the "active" scope-copy of the selected controllerA?

// Code goes here

var webApp = angular.module("webApp", []);

webApp.controller("controllerA", function($scope, $rootScope, $element, styleFactory){
$scope.selected = false;
var color = angular.element($element[0]).attr("data-style-color");
$scope.data = styleFactory.getData();

$scope.select = function(){
  $scope.selected = !$scope.selected;

webApp.controller("controllerB", function($scope, $rootScope, $element, styleFactory){
  $scope.data = styleFactory.getData();

webApp.factory("styleFactory", function(){
  var data = {"style":"color:yellow"}

  return {
    setColor: function(color){
      data = {"style":"color:"+color};
    getData: function(){
      return data;

for full example: http://plnkr.co/edit/He2m7ArfRSur9Igq2eur?p=preview

thanks, --iM

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You can see a modified plnkr that works as you described here.

Personally, I would restructure the architecture of the app and rethink the styleFactory implementation.

Some points for thought:

  • data = {"style":"color:"+color} replaces the whole data object, thus $scope.data = styleFactory.getData() works only for the last controllerA as the reference is lost for all others.

  • Try creating a parent controller that will be on top of controllerA and controllerB.

  • Try solving this problem using directives.

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thanks. Yes, I actually have another plunker where I was trying to do the same thing with one controller and multiple directives. The issue is that my controller is outside of the directives (not wrapping them around), but that might be the only way to make this work... thx again –  user1916783 Aug 3 '13 at 22:55

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