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how to check internet connection through iphone or objective-c.???

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Here is a code snippet you can use:

[[Reachability sharedReachability] setHostName:@"example.com"];
if ([[Reachability sharedReachability] remoteHostStatus] == NotReachable) {
	UIAlertView *dialog = [[[UIAlertView alloc] init] retain];
	[dialog setTitle:@"Server unreachable"];
	[dialog setMessage:@"The server is temporarily unavailable."];
	[dialog addButtonWithTitle:@"OK"];
	[dialog show];
	[dialog release];
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Have a look at the apple sample code Reachability. It should provide you with everything you need.

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Apple's recommendation is to do something like (or use) Reachability

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Looks like the answer to your question can be found here

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Quick and Drity: Ping Google?

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