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I'm currently indexing data using Solr that consists of about 10 fields. When I perform a search I would like certain fields to be weighted higher. Could anyone help point me in the right direction?

For example, searching across all fields for a term such as "superman" should return hits in the "Title" field before the "Description" field.

I've found documentation on how to make one field score higher from the query, but I would prefer to set this in a configuration file or similar. The following would require all searches to specify the weight. Is it possible to specify this in the solr config file? q=title:superman^2 description:superman


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Try using qf with ExtendedDisMax your query then would look like that:


While your config will look like:

<str name="qf">title^2 description</str>

You can get some working examples here

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Thanks for your help!! I was able to successfully configure the edismax parser and apply the appropriate weights - Thanks for your help!!! – Nathan Hall Aug 12 '13 at 22:06

"The qf parameter introduces a list of fields, each of which is assigned a boost factor to increase or decrease that particular field's importance in the query. For example, the query below:

qf="fieldOne^2.3 fieldTwo fieldThree^0.4"

Assigns fieldOne a boost of 2.3, leaves fieldTwo with the default boost (because no boost factor is specified), and fieldThree a boost of 0.4. These boost factors make matches in fieldOne much more significant than matches in fieldTwo, which in turn are much more significant than matches in fieldThree."

Source: Lucidworks

In your case: qf="title^100 description" may do the trick - if you're using Solr in a library I'd love to chat.

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By using ediamx we can acheve what you looking for

try adding these two fields in your request handler by changing the fields

text at last is your default field. if you don't need then you can remove it.

<str name="defType">edismax</str>
<str name="qf">yourField^50 youranotherFields^30 text</str>

The more the power(^) increases , the more the priority it will give to the fields .

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