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I'm building a simple bug tracking tool. When you create a new project, all the info you fill in in the form, gets stored in the database.

When you create the new project you get redirected to a unique project page. On top of the page it shows the name of the project, but it's not the name of the project I just created, it always shows the name of the first project in the MySQL table.

How can I show the name of the project I just created?

With this query I retrieve the data from the database.

$query = "SELECT CONCAT(name) 
AS name FROM projects";
$result = @mysql_query ($query)

With this I show the project name, but it always shows the name of the first record in the table.

    if ($row = mysql_fetch_array ($result))
        echo '<h5>' . $row['name'] . '</h5>'; 

It isn't yet SQL Injection prove and is far from complete... But I'm really struggling with this problem.

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When you retrieve the data from the database, you must filter it with a where clause. – Travis Hegner Aug 2 '13 at 21:03
Sorry to say this, but please don't use mysql_* functions, use MySQLi, and please don't suppress errors with @.... That said, make sure your table has an id auto_increment column. You can get the id of the most recently inserted project by accessing the insert_id property of the MySQLi object or mysql_insert_id() ( I think). – M Miller Aug 2 '13 at 21:14

You need an AUTO_INCREMENT field on your table for a unique identifier (at least, you really should). Then you can do something like this:

$sql = new MySQLi('localhost', 'root', '', 'database');

$sql->query('INSERT INTO `projects` (`name`) VALUES ("Test Project");');
$projectID = $sql->insert_id; // Returns the auto_increment field value of the last insert query performed
// So this assumes you have a field in your table called "id" in this example

$res = $sql->query('SELECT CONCAT(`name`) AS `name` FROM `projects` WHERE `id` = '.$projectID.';');

if ($row = $res->fetch_assoc()) {
    echo '<h5>'.$row['name'].'</h5>';

Since you were calling for a redirect to the unique project page, you should have something like this: header("Location: project.php?id=$projectID");

Then, on project.php, you can attempt to fetch the project with the query above, only your query's WHERE clause should be something like:

'`id` = '.intval($_GET['id']).';'

Technically, you could pass all the project info along to the next page as a request or a session cookie and save yourself a query altogether. Just make sure you keep the id handy so it's easy to update the record.

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When you fill in the form, it will post the info to the project.class.php file – Sebastiaan Schillebeeckx Aug 3 '13 at 11:24
$name = $_POST['name']; $descr = $_POST['description']; $leader = $_POST['leader']; $email = $_POST['email']; $sql="INSERT INTO projects (name, description, leader, email, registration_date) VALUES ('$name', '$descr', '$leader', '$email', NOW())"; $projectID = $sql->insert_id; $result = mysql_query($sql); if($result){ header('Location: ../projectpage.php?id='.mysql_insert_id()); } else { echo "There is something wrong. Try again later."; } mysql_close(); – Sebastiaan Schillebeeckx Aug 3 '13 at 11:26
then you get redirected to the project page, there I wan't to retrieve the data, so shoud I use the SELECT there? – Sebastiaan Schillebeeckx Aug 3 '13 at 11:26
Yes, you should connect on the projectpage.php page and then use the SELECT query. A note about your code: you have to escape your input to protect against SQL injection, e.g. $name = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['name']);. Also, I advise again that you look into the MySQLi class instead of mysql_ functions, as they're officially deprecated and will be removed in future versions of PHP. If you prefer procedural programming, you can just replace mysql_ functions with mysqli_ functions. – M Miller Aug 3 '13 at 20:38

Try using ORDER BY.

$query = "SELECT CONCAT(name) 
AS name FROM projects ORDER BY id DESC";

This would show the most recent project (assuming you have an ID column).

However, a much better way is to have an ID variable on the page.

$query = "SELECT CONCAT(name) 
AS name FROM projects WHERE id=?";
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