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I am trying to install tcptraceroute on my Ubuntu. I cannot use apt-get because there is a firewall issue. So I downloaded the package on my local and scp it over. When I run the ./configure command, it barks at me saying

checking for pcap_open_live in -lpcap... no
configure: error: cannot find libpcap

I downloaded the following into the tcptraceroute directory:


How do install libpcap?

Please help.

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Did you try to download the .deb-package manually? All Ubuntu packages are also available online for download, eg at http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring/tcptraceroute

You can then install the downloaded package simply by typing (as root)

dpkg -i >YourPackageName<

The important thing is that you have to resolve dependencies manually too, and install them in order (eg first libpcap, then tcptraceroute)

If you rather use a GUI, you can also simply doubleclick the XYZ.deb-file in your filebrowser, that should start ubuntus package management software and install it for you

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