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I have the following situation when using Solr. My document contains "entities" for example "peanut butter". I have a list of such entities. These are items that go together and are not to be treated as two individual words. During indexing, I want solr to realize this and treat "peanut butter" as an entity. For example if someone searches for


then documents that have the word peanut should rank higher than documents that have the word "peanut butter". However if someone searches for

"peanut butter"

then the document that has peanut butter should show up higher than ones that have just peanut. Is there a config setting somewhere which can be modified such that the entity list can be specified in a file and Solr would do the needful?

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Configure that field to use a StrField type, instead of a TextField. TextField is designed to handle tokenization and full-text search on textual content. StrField treats it's contents as a keyword, and so does not tokenize.

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