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There is some Jenkins plugin to ZIP old builds? I don't want to package just the generated archive (I am deleting those). I want to ZIP just the log data and the data used by tools, like FindBugs, Checkstyle, Surefire, Cobertura, etc.

Currently I am running out of disk space due to Jenkins. There are some build log files that reach 50 Mb due running 3000+ unit tests (most of these are severely broken builds full of stacktraces in which everything fails). But this happens frequently in some of my projects, so I get this for every bad build. Good builds are milder and may get up to around 15 Mb, but that is still a bit costly.

The surefile XML files for these are huge too. Since they tend to contain very repetitive data, I could save a lot of disk space by zipping them. But I know no Jenkins plugin for this.

Note: I am already deleting old builds not needed anymore.

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The administering Jenkins guide gives some guidance on how to do this manually. There are also links to the following plugins

The last one is really designed to backup Jenkins configuration, but there are also options for build results.

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Thanks for the answer. But unfortunately this does not solves my problem. Shelve deletes the entire project (it just happens to be a delete with an undelete option), so I can't archive a particular build without deleting everything else and can't show an old build without unarchiving everything. The guide does not helps too, being similar to what Shelve proposes. thinBackup was not designed for archiving builds, and forcing it to do so would be hard, hackish and slow at best. Further it has a lot of issues when it decides to stop the world for its purposes blowing up the very idea of CI. –  Victor Aug 5 '13 at 19:17

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