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I have an xx-orm.xml file being used for a persistence unit with many entity definitions.

In these definitions I often have attributes that relate to columns that need a length and/or datatype specified as well as a converter, for example:

<id name="uuid">
    <column name="objectid" length="100"/>


<basic name="permissions" >
    <column name="PERMISSIONS" columnDefinition="CLOB"/>

This works fine if the database is pre-created, but if EclipseLink is used to create the database I get the following exceptions:

[EL Warning]: metadata: 2013-08-01 16:52:51.017--ServerSession(917261895)--Ignoring JPA convert specification on element [field uuid] within entity class [class com.webaction.runtime.MetaInfo$MetaObject] since EclipseLink convert metadata is specified.

[EL Warning]: metadata: 2013-08-01 16:52:51.03--ServerSession(917261895)--Ignoring JPA convert specification on element [field permissions] within entity class [class com.webaction.runtime.MetaInfo$User] since EclipseLink convert metadata is specified.

The resulting columns in the database have the default VARCHAR(255) definitions, not VARCHAR(100) and CLOB respectively.

Is there any way I can both specify a converter and a length or datatype for a column during table creation?


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