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I made mistake and didn't remove debugging lines from code before it was deployed to production and some information that shouldn't be in logs is in jboss log files. How can I make java program to filter all unwanted lines by keword? Or is there any tool for this already?

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JBoss's logging is handled by log4j, and the log4j configuration file is conf/jboss-log4j.xml. Have a look at this, and if necessary read the log4j manual, it should hopefully be fairly self-explanatory. If you need more help, then give us some examples of the lines you want removed.

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It sounds like you're asking how to remove certain lines from existing logs.

Here's what I use to remove DEBUG messages after enabling debugging in production for whatever reason:

perl -w -n -i -e 'print unless ( /DEBUG/../ERROR|WARN|INFO|FATAL/ && !/ERROR|WARN|INFO|FATAL/)' server.log.1

You can substitute whatever perlre matches just the lines you want to remove inside the parentheses above, for example:

perl -w -n -i -e 'print unless ( /SensitiveDebugInfo/ )' server.log.1

I'd be sure to only run this on logs that have been rolled over, to avoid potential file corruption from perl & jboss writing to the file simultaneously.

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