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Hi I am new to backbone and I have a page where I want to display information about a model. When I try to access it on the console it works out fine


collection = new Poster.Colections.Posts()
collection.fetch({reset: true})
post = collection.get(1)

Above works fine

Now when I try to do it in a function on the routers page, it returns back undefined


class Poster.Routers.Posts extends Backbone.Router
        'posts/new': 'new'
        'posts/:id': 'show'

    initialize: ->
        @collection = new Poster.Collections.Posts()
        @collection.fetch({reset: true})

    index: ->
        view = new Poster.Views.PostsIndex(collection: @collection)

    show: (id) ->
        post = @collection.get(id)
        view = new Poster.Views.PostsShow(model: post)

    new: ->
        view = new Poster.Views.PostsNew(collection: @collection)

I am really new to javascript and backbone and I am lost. Can someone please help

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fetch is an AJAX call so you have to wait for the server to respond before the collection will have anything in it. You'd usually bootstrap the collection with some data in the page if you're expecting to use it right away. –  mu is too short Aug 3 '13 at 5:00

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As mu already stated fetch is an asynchronous ajax call. So you have to wait for results and then do something. backbone gives you two options

First option: Call fetch with callback object

fetch takes a callback object with success or error

collection = new Poster.Collections.Posts()
  success: ->
    console.log 'Collection fetched'
    post = collection.get(1)
  error: ->
    console.error 'Unable to fetch collection'

Second Option: Listen for changes on the collection

When a model is added to a collection (which is done when fetching a collection) a add event is triggered

collection = new Poster.Collections.Posts.extend
  initialize: ->
    @on 'add', (model) =>
      console.log "model #{model} added"


List of built-in events

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