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Morning folks.

Novice Rich here once again requesting assistance.

I have just started dabbling with javascript and although I have set up a few onclick/change for setting the focus of radio buttons,that's pretty much my limit.

In my c# code behind, I would like to have an 'onchange' function whereby once a client starts to type in my autocomplete textbox, a drop down list (which is likely to have been populated previously) is reset/cleared to it's original state.

Anyone got any ideas how to do this?

(Chances are I haven't exp[lained myself very well here)

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What you want here is to start exploring jQuery. When you find yourself familiar with it, create a server-side ASP.NET Handler that returns JSON data to your jQuery.getJSON call and from that, populate your autocomplete textbox.

Or, you can of course not reinvent the wheel and just use one of the plethora of jQuery Auto-Complete plug-ins available out there. Whether you'd still need the server-side handler to provide the auto-complete plugin with data depends on your use-case, but in most cases you'd get much better performance out of pre-populating the data when the page loads.

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