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public class Everything
public List<MUSTERILER> Musteriler { get; set; }
public List<KISALTMALAR> Kisaltmalar { get; set; }
public List<ILETISIMLER> Iletisimler { get; set; }
public List<TEKLIFLER> Teklifler { get; set; }
public List<SEHIRLER> Sehirler { get; set; }
public List<ILCELER> İlceler { get; set; }

I combined all tables in one class :

public Everything Alltables()
return new Everything  // All Tables Here From Database
Musteriler = context.MUSTERILER.ToList(),
Iletisimler = context.ILETISIMLER.ToList(),
Teklifler = context.TEKLIFLER.ToList(),
Kisaltmalar = context.KISALTMALAR.ToList(),
Sehirler = context.SEHIRLER.ToList(),
İlceler = context.ILCELER.ToList(),


using (Ajax.BeginForm("Index", new AjaxOptions { HttpMethod = "POST" }))
s =>
s.Name = "MusteriKaynagiDropdownEdit";
s.Text = Convert.ToString(Session["MusteriKaynagi"]);
s.Width = 250;
s.SetDropDownWindowTemplateContent(c =>
listBoxSettings =>
listBoxSettings.Name = "KISALTMALAR_ACIKLAMA";
listBoxSettings.Properties.ValueField = "KISALTMALAR_ID";
listBoxSettings.Properties.TextField = "KISALTMALAR_ACIKLAMA";
listBoxSettings.Properties.ValueType = typeof(int);
listBoxSettings.Width = System.Web.UI.WebControls.Unit.Percentage(100);

listBoxSettings.Properties.ClientSideEvents.SelectedIndexChanged = "function(s, e) 
{ document.forms[0].submit(); }";
.BindList(Model.Kisaltmalar.Where(y => y.KISALTMALAR_AYRAC == 4).ToList())


return View(AllTables);

If ı choose an item to send to my actionresult, ı get this exception No parameterless constructor defined for this object

What to add , where to change any idea please ?

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possible duplicate of ASP.NET MVC: No parameterless constructor defined for this object – Mikhail Aug 9 '13 at 9:42

Here is the first search result through StackOverflow KB:

ASP.NET MVC: No parameterless constructor defined for this object

Impelement a dummy "parameterless constructor" for the Model type (a parameter of the "Index" method) to resolve this issue.

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