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I'm using Draper to decorate my objects.

I have a model 'starts' that has_one horse. I have a horse decorator that has a boy_or_girl method that I have refactored form the horse mode.


I'm getting a method not found on the boy_or_girl method. How do i decorate the related horse?

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Can't you just call draper in your partial #{start.horse.decorate.boy_or_girl}"?

If you want to call the decorator only in the controller, you should use decorates_association

I guess you will have something like

class StartDecorator < Draper::Base
  decorates :start
  decorates_association :horses

class HorseDecorator < Draper::Base
  decorates :horse

  def boy_or_girl
    # your code

See also this question

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ug. im an idiot. didn't restart rails after adding draper. yes, start.horse.decorate.boy_or_girl works. thanks. –  Will Aug 3 '13 at 23:51

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