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I would like to integrate zxing into my app. I'm importing project, set it as library, change target to API 7, download zxing-core-2.2.jar, copy it to /libs and add this jar in Java Building Path as library.

But there are still some errors:

Zxing errors All of them are in switch statements and depend on for example:

switch (item.getItemId()) {

Eclipse error description:

case expressions must be constant expressions

there is a info dialog:

enter image description here Any idea what I'm doing wrong or how to fix it?

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You're not intended to use this is a library. Use core/, not android/. This is the ultimate cause. – Sean Owen Aug 3 '13 at 13:36
But I can't import stuff from core/ - I tried import as Existing Android Code into workspace, and Existing project into workspace - both without success. – Tajchert Aug 3 '13 at 14:35

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As explained in the dialog you have shown, is now "no longer constant", which means it cannot be used in a switch. the dialog also provides the solution, instead of

switch (item.getItemId()) {
      //do something
  case xxx:

You should do this:

if(item.getItemId() {
      //do something
} else (if item.getItemId()==xxx) {

Just follow the instruction and you should be fine.

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The problem is the source of zxing is not intended to be used as a Library.. Please see the answer by Sean in the below thread.

Zxing project as library in a project won't build

I tried bridling my app within this CaptureActivity project adding my activity and resources and modifying its manifest File accordingly.

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