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my app's working directory looks something along the lines:

          - theme
          -- application.js

The application.js previously had require_tree ., however, it loaded excanvas.min.js before jquery.min.js. This brought up a javascript error. I would like to switch the load order. So I updated application.js to:

//= require unicorn/jquery.min
//= require unicorn/excanvas.min

However, this gave me the following error:

Sprockets::FileNotFound in Admin::Home#index
couldn't find file 'unicorn/jquery.min.js'

I was wondering why I can't seem to find jquery.min. Any ideas?


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had same issue ... the behaviour is inconsistent though, because in the same file, some requires need the ./ in the relative path and some don't –  chrisn Jun 16 at 11:30

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I changed the application.js to:

//= require ./unicorn/jquery.min
//= require ./unicorn/excanvas.min

and it seemed to work.

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