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I was trying to implement a BST in C++.This is a specific member function to perform in order traversal and return a vector with the elements of the tree. Now the problem arises with the stack pop() function which I set to the current node.
void value not ignored as it ought to be

I understand that the empty stack will return a void value after the preceding pop() call.But then what's the solution to this, cause it's required in this traversal algorithm to retrieve the last node from the stack.

vector <int> BSTree::in_order_traversal()

vector <int> list;
stack <Node *> depthStack;
Node * cur = root;

while ( !depthStack.empty() || cur != NULL ) {
                if (cur != NULL) {
                         cur = cur->left;
                else                             {
                         cur = depthStack.pop(); // Heres the line 
                         cur = cur->right;

return list;

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You're doing something in your code with the "return value" of a void-returning function. Stop doing that it makes no sense. –  Mat Aug 3 '13 at 15:45

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In C++ the function


doesn't return the value removed from the stack. The reason is that there's no way in general to write such a function correctly from an exception-safety point of view.

You need to store the value first and then remove it with pop... e.g.

Node *x = depthStack.top();
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