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I'm working on a requirement where I need to call a Java API from Apex.

The solution I put forward was to create a Java class, store it the database and add a PL/SQL wrapper and then use it. Which is pretty much what is described here.

Whilst I am happy with this, I am interested to know if this is the only method? are there other options that I could explore?

Thanks in advance

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From what I've seen, APEX doesn't have anything special for calling Java Stored Procedures.
So it's the same thing as calling a Java SP from within PL/SQL.

As can be seen here there is no other way of doing it beside the one you use now.
I would just add that what you actually call a wrapper is in fact the way a Java SP is published to the data dictionary(it makes it available to the SQL/PLSQL contexts). In your case you do it by defining a top-level call specification. Alternatively you can publish it by defining either a package or an object type call specification. For more details see this link.

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Thanks for the confirmation Marius and the useful link on call specs. – Ian Carpenter Nov 27 '09 at 8:58
You're welcome! – Marius Burz Nov 27 '09 at 10:17

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