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I have a text file with some configuration value. There a comment starts with a # I am trying to find a regular expression pattern that will find out all the lines that start with a #

So, sample file:

1st line
#test line this 
line #new line
aaaa #aaaa

I want to find

#test line this 

because only these two lines start with # I tried the following code:


But it always outputs empty array. Anyone can help?

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You forgot the multiline modifier (and you should not use the singleline modifier; also the case-insensitive modifier is unnecessary as well as the ungreedy modifier):



  • /m allows the ^ and $ to match at the start/end of lines, not just the entire string (which you need here)
  • /s allows the dot to match newlines (which you don't want here)
  • /i turns on case-insensitive matching (which you don't need here)
  • /U turns on ungreedy matching (which doesn't make a difference here because of the anchors)
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thanks a lot..it solved my problem :) –  Enn Fenn Aug 3 '13 at 16:46

You can simply write:

preg_match_all('~^#.*~m', $text, $m);

since the quantifier is greedy by default and the dot doesn't match newlines by default, you will obtain what you want.

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