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I have a PHP array (of arrays) of address date like this:

$date[0][lat] = 42.54
$date[0][lng] = -80.54
$date[0][title] = Business Name

$date[1][lat] = 41.54
$date[1][lng] = -81.54
$date[1][title] = Another Name


Is it possible to somehow pass this array of arrays to the google maps api to map as markers? Everything I seem to find online is either working with XML or working with data that is already a javascript array.

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if you use PHP 5.2 or later, you can pass your array as follow

<?php print json_encode($date) ?>
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Try to encode it as json ans then just simply echo into the JS variable:

var myGeolocatedItems = <?= $sJsonEncodedArray; ?>; 
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 var simple ='<?php echo $sparam1; ?>';

you can assign any php variable using the above way

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