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I want to create a new route in my routes.rb which points to a "courses" controller which has the method pdfdownload. The route is supposed to take 2 parameters: course_id and user_id. I thought it should be like this:

get "/courses/pdfdownload/:course_id/:user_id"

The courses controller and everything works fine until I add the line above. The courses controller has a method called pdfdownload. Nevertheless, when I try to start the server (rails s), I get the following error:

warning: already initialized constant Mime::PDF
warning: previous definition of PDF was here
`default_controller_and_action': missing :controller (ArgumentError)

When I type rake:routes I get:

missing :controller

The courses controller is existing and is working very well with many methods. After I altered the line to this:

get "/courses/pdfdownload"

The server starts.

The rails guides says at "3.2 Dynamic Segments", it has to be written this way:

get ':controller/:action/:id/:user_id'

Whats wrong here? Thank you very much!

Update: I'm using the following link in the view:

<%= link_to "PDF", courses_pdfdownload_path(@course.id, user.id) %>
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Maybe something like: get "/courses/pdfdownload/:course_id/:user_id", :to => 'controller#action' would work? –  Brian Aug 3 '13 at 17:14
The server starts but when I open the page where the link is, I get this error: undefined method courses_pdfdownload_path' for #<#<Class:0x007fceafdbf990>:0x007fceafdcb1a0>`. Thanks for the suggestion! –  Linus Aug 3 '13 at 17:17

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Please have a try

get "/courses/pdfdownload/:course_id/:user_id" => "courses#pdfdownload", :as => "courses_pdfdownload"
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Your solution seems to be the only one that works. Could you please explain to me why the route from the guide isn't working and your does? Thanks to everyone! –  Linus Aug 3 '13 at 19:36
You are using the route helper "courses_pdfdownload_path" in your view. You can see this route helper is not showing in the output while you have not defined it explicitly. So, I have added :as => "courses_pdfdownload" and I got your route helper in the rake routes. –  Bachan Smruty Aug 3 '13 at 19:51
Thank you very much! Does this mean that if this route helper (on the left site at rake:routes) is missing, there is actually no route I can call for this method? –  Linus Aug 4 '13 at 8:23

try match "/courses/pdfdownload/:course_id/:user_id" => "courses#pdfdownload"

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The correct route would be:

get '/courses/pdfdownload/:course_id/:user_id', to: 'courses#pdfdownload'

But for a nicer REST route, I would rather change it to this:

get '/courses/pdfdownload/:id/:user_id', to: 'courses#pdfdownload'

The fact that the action deals with a Course resource is already implied by the name of the controller handling the action. So you don't need to call the Course id :course_id, simply :id is enough.


Note also that you can customize the name of the route helper like this:

get '/courses/pdfdownload/:id/:user_id', to: 'courses#pdfdownload', as: 'courses_pdfdownload'

Your route helper will then be courses_pdfdownload_path.

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