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I decided to have few versions of the same app on the phone. I clicked 'run' on first version of app in eclipse and apk was installed with the name: 'p2'. Then I changed package statement in Manifest to 'p5' , and changed all links in application classes and xmls, rebuilded app and clicked 'run' again to install next apk on the same phone. To my astonishment I have two applications with name 'p2'.
I expected to see 'p2' and 'p5'.
I was looking for an occurence of 'p2' in my code but there was no such place.
Can you guide me to solve this?

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To install the same application on the same device do followed steps:

  • change Application package (where your main Activity is located)
  • change Application Name (optional, doesn't seem good two equal names on the same device)

If you compile applications from Eclipse, you must change also .project file:


otherwise you can't import second application with the same name

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This works for me. Thanks for your time, Maxim. Now I have different package name, app name and projectDescription and next version of my app has different name on the phone. – ertogrul Aug 3 '13 at 22:07

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