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Is it possible to write a module in Haskell, which reexports everything visible inside?

Lets concider following module:

module Test where
import Prelude()
import A
f x = x

This module exports everything defined inside, so it exports f but does not export anything imported from A.

On the other hand, if I want to reexport A:

module Test (
    module A,
) where
import Prelude()
import A
f x = x

I have to explicit write every function defined in Test.

Is there a method to reexport A and export everything defined in Test?

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There is a simple solution, just export the module from the module:

module Test
    ( module Test
    , module A
    ) where

import Prelude()
import A
f x = x
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+1 So, so simple! – Aug 11 '14 at 17:45
Exploited here. – PyRulez Jan 26 at 18:25
Also, any insight as to why this works? (Any documentation?) – PyRulez Jan 26 at 18:31
@PyRulez The Haskell Report is the definitive source:… – Thomas M. DuBuisson Jan 26 at 19:21

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