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I have many .cpp files in my project that work. But this one irritates Xcode or the compiler.

It doesn't recognise free() and malloc() but this is also C. What can be wrong?



Header ssdpmessage.h looks like this:


#include "ssdptools.h"
#include <vector>
#include <arpa/inet.h>
#include "ssdpdb.h"

class SSDPMessage{
    virtual ~SSDPMessage();
    //What type of message can we handle 
    virtual SSDP_TYPE GetType()=0;
    //Get the message dignature implemented in this class
    virtual std::vector<SSDP_HTTP_HEADER*> GetHeaderSignature();
    //Can this class parse the message with this signature ?
    virtual u8 CanProcess(std::vector<SSDP_HTTP_HEADER*> msgheaders);
    //Process the message, return value: 
    //0 : processed
    //1 : not for me, search for another to process
    //<0 : message was for me but there is an error
    virtual int Process(struct sockaddr* sender, std::vector<SSDP_HTTP_HEADER*> msgheaders)=0;
    //ReInit all members
    virtual void ReInit()=0;
    virtual SSDPDB* GetDB();
    virtual void SetDB(SSDPDB* db);
    std::vector<SSDP_HTTP_HEADER*> mHeaderSignature;
    int AddSignatureHeader(char* fieldname, char* fieldvalue);
    SSDPDB *mDB;
    SSDPMessage(const SSDPMessage &src);
    SSDPMessage& operator= (const SSDPMessage &src);            


The includes and affected code in ssdpmessage.cpp look like this:

#include "ssdpmessage.h"


    std::vector<SSDP_HTTP_HEADER*>::iterator it;
    for(it=mHeaderSignature.begin(); it<mHeaderSignature.end(); it++){

int SSDPMessage::AddSignatureHeader(char* fieldname, char* fieldvalue){
    SSDP_HTTP_HEADER *thisHeader = (SSDP_HTTP_HEADER*)malloc(sizeof(SSDP_HTTP_HEADER));
    thisHeader->fieldname = (u8*)fieldname;
    thisHeader->fieldnamelen = strlen(fieldname);
    thisHeader->fieldvalue = (u8*)fieldvalue;
    thisHeader->fieldvaluelen = strlen(fieldvalue);
    return mHeaderSignature.size();

This is code from the upnpx library. It works without problem in the demo project of the library.

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Need the right include file - I always #include <stdlib.h> when I use malloc, but I'm a C guy; not sure what C++ needs. –  Floris Aug 3 '13 at 18:43
Is stdlib.h included..? –  Rapptz Aug 3 '13 at 18:43

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malloc requires you to include cstdlib.

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For clarification, the reason it works in the demo project is because something further up the include chain included cstdlib already. –  RC Howe Aug 3 '13 at 18:44

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