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How to identify whether the item of a directory is a file or a directory using Net::SFTP or ruby code?

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3 Answers

The do_stat method seems like it could get you that information. See also the documentation for Net::SFTP::Attributes and perldoc -f stat.

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To illustrate the use of Manni's recommendation:

use Fcntl(:mode);

my $permissions  = $sftp->do_stat($path)->perm();
my $is_directory = S_ISDIR($permissions);
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At least two ways to do it in SFTP and Ruby:

require 'net/sftp'
Net::SFTP.start('HOSTNAME', 'USER', :password => 'PASSWORD') do |sftp|

  file = File.expand_path(__FILE__)
  dir  = File.dirname(file)


  sftp.file.open(dir, "r") do |f|
    f.stat.directory? # true

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