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My app is ready on development server. Works as expected. I´m using latest XAMPP / Codeigniter / HMVC

When uploaded to production server there are no errors thrown.

Login page simply shows WITHOUT TEXT !!!

Login view

    //Example code
    <a href="login/switchLanguage/italian"><i class="icon-font"></i>&nbsp;<?php echo lang('language'); ?></a>

When executed, this is the output

    <a href="login/switchLanguage/italian"><i class="icon-font"></i>&nbsp;</a>
                                                                  Here's supposed 
                                                                 to write "Italian"

Login controller

    class Login extends MX_Controller{

function __construct(){

function index($msg = NULL){
    // Load our view to be displayed
    // to the user
    $data['msg'] = $msg;
    $this->load->view('login', $data);

    public function switchLanguage($language = "") {
            $language = ($language != "") ? $language : "english";
            $this->session->set_userdata('site_lang', $language);



    $hook['post_controller_constructor'] = array(
'class' => 'LanguageLoader',
'function' => 'initialize',
'filename' => 'LanguageLoader.php',
'filepath' => 'hooks'




    class LanguageLoader {
        function initialize() {
            $ci =& get_instance();
            $site_lang = $ci->session->userdata('site_lang');
            if ($site_lang) {
            } else {


Example language file: application/language/italian/common_lang.php

    //Application Global
    $lang["common_appName"] ="Customer App";
    $lang["common_search"] = "Cercare";
    $lang["common_search_go"] = "Andare";
    $lang["common_label_created_by"] = "Creato da";

    $lang["common_menu_home"] = "Home";
    $lang["common_menu_dashboard"] = "Cruscotto";
    $lang["common_menu_production"] = "Produzione";
    $lang["common_menu_inventory"] = "Inventario";
    $lang["common_menu_user_edit"] = "Modificare";
    $lang["common_menu_logout"] = "Il logout";
    $lang["common_menu_new_notifications"] = "Ci sono nuove notifiche";

    $lang["common_submenu_dashboard"] = "Cruscotto";
    $lang["common_submenu_production"] = "Produzione";
    $lang["common_submenu_inventory"] = "Inventario";
    $lang["common_submenu_orderlist"] = "Lista ordini";
    $lang["common_submenu_calendar"] = "Calendario";

I've gone thru a lot of questions & answers unsuccessfully.

Any suggestions are very welcome ...


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it reads the data from language files, I don't see you loading any language file in your controller –  ahmad Aug 3 '13 at 20:43
I´m using a hook in application/config/hooks.php $hook['post_controller_constructor'] = array( 'class' => 'LanguageLoader', 'function' => 'initialize', 'filename' => 'LanguageLoader.php', 'filepath' => 'hooks' ); –  Ernesto Vallejo García Aug 3 '13 at 20:46
Are you sure you have enabled the hooks option in the config file? application/config/config.php ? –  ahmad Aug 3 '13 at 20:59
Yes ahmad, on application/config/config.php hooks is: $config['enable_hooks'] = TRUE; –  Ernesto Vallejo García Aug 3 '13 at 21:01
post example of the language file you loaded, you may change log_threshold to maximum level to debug this too, it will show you what's being loaded & what's not. –  ahmad Aug 3 '13 at 21:05
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dont know whether you solved this issue or not. But i faced the same problem when i updated my project to main server. The actual problem is with the file name. In your hooks.php you mention filename as 'LanguageLoader.php' but i think you created a file Languageloader.php (Application/hooks/Languageloader.php). Please check this..

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Thanks Lavin, you hit the nail in the head!!! =) –  Ernesto Vallejo García Oct 22 '13 at 20:08
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