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I know how to work in git. But, now I want to set up a git server in my org. so that developers can access it via internet from any where around the globe. I know about Github and I want to build my own custom git server for my organisation developers alone and I donot wish to outsource it to git hub like apps.

I need to provide browser based front end apart from console based. My server machine have windows Operating system. and we use java for our webdevelopment

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Take a look at "Web Interface" section of InterfacesFrontendsAndTools page on Git wiki, and at Gitweb page, also on Git wiki.

Below there is (probably incomplete) list of various git web interfaces and integrated git hosting solutions:

Pure web interfaces (I guess that most commonly used are gitweb and cgit):

Git hosting solutions (forges) with built-in web interface:

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Take a look at Gitweb. Their homepage not only provides the details on Gitweb itself, but also on alternative web frontends to git.

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One option: grab the source for Gitorious and customize it for your needs.

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but my server operating system is windows – Anand Nov 26 '09 at 13:53

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