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I have an angular app that uses $routeProvider to load different partials into an ng-view.

So, in my e2e scenarios, when I call browser().navigateTo('/'), I also need to call sleep(0.5) or something to wait for the elements to actually appear.

Unfortunately, calling sleep totally breaks the testing! All of a sudden the framework behaves as if it cannot see the page at all, and can never find elements.

My e2e tests in which I don't have to wait for anything to load can find all the elements I expect, but if I put a sleep call in those tests anyway, then they break as well.

Does anyone have a suggestion for what to look at? Some way to increase the verbosity of the console? Some way to snap the tester back into focus?

Additional info:

  • There is no error output in the browser console or on the command line console!
  • I have copied my karma setup directly out of the angular-seed project. As far as I can tell they are identical.
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I would suggest using Protractor for your Angular E2E tests. This has awareness of angular and returns promises. You could do something like this then:

ptor.get('http://localhost/#/my-route').then(function () {
  // Do something

You can also use ptor.wait like this:

    var timeout = 10000;

    ptor.wait(function () {
      return {some condition}
    }, timeout);

Which will wait for a condition to be true before moving on.

Also you can use ptor.waitForAngular() which will wait for angular to resolve any promises and http requests.

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