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I am using phpmyadmin for my data. I would like to have the data on a text file, that I need to process with matab afterwards. But phpMyAdmin doesn't offer this possibility, I know I can export my table in many formats like CSV or PDF, but they all don't seem convenient for what I need... It seems like I will have to export the data in one of those formats and then write a program that will put the data on the text file... But my question is : which format is the more convenient for this kind of processing ? I already thought of PHP array but I am not using Web for that... What do you think ?

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What do you mean by text file? A csv is a text file. Or do you mean xml? – Lex Aug 3 '13 at 22:53
@Lex I mean a .txt – akari Aug 3 '13 at 23:02

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You could export your table to a csv file, then import the file to MATLAB. Matlab has commands to import csv files,check out this link. Check out this question, if you want to do it manually.

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Save as data.csv, then rename the file to data.txt. Simple as that.

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