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I have been searching for this for a while now and finally I give up and need to ask the question.

I have on my OSX (10.8.4) machine setup to remember my open terminal tabs & windows. This means that when I open the application my previously open tabs & widnows are restored with their working directories preserved.

So, if I have a session with tabs:

  1. /usr/local
  2. ~/github/project
  3. ~/Documents

Upon closing and restarting the Terminal application those tabs will be restored on application startup.

I do not have a .bashrc file in my user directory or any window groups save in Terminal Preferences > Window Groups. Here are my settings for Terminal Preferences > Startup:

  • On startup, open:
    • the radio button for "New window with settings:" is selected with "Pro"
  • Shells open with:
    • Default login shell
  • New windows open with:
    • Default Settings
    • Default Working Directory
  • New tabs open with:
    • Default Settings
    • Same Working Directory

I am pretty sure I have not done any other customizing in the preferences for Terminal other than window size. Is there some other place that settings are being stored? I only ask because I sometimes use other computers and would like to bring this functionality with me.

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I have found the answer due to rubber duck debugging with my friend @artlogic on Twitter. The problem (or solution, however you choose to see it) was in System Preferences > General, the option "Close window when quitting an application" was checked and therefore closing the windows before quitting the application thus nullifying the effect I hoping for.

That is all.

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A thousand times, yes! – Shakeel May 8 '14 at 17:39
Thanks! This should be configurable through Terminal itself and not some obscure "General" settings! – Chris May 19 at 13:11

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