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so I'm currently doing my thesis and a part of it is to communicate with KVM (Kernel Based Virtual Machine). I was already able to establish a connection through the use of the libvirt Java Binding. The virtual machine i created in KVM (centostest) is already up and running, however i want to shut it down but i got the following errors:

libvir: Domain error : operation virDomainShutdown forbidden for read only access org.libvirt.LibvirtException: operation virDomainShutdown forbidden for read only access at org.libvirt.ErrorHandler.processError( at org.libvirt.Connect.processError( at org.libvirt.Domain.processError( at org.libvirt.Domain.shutdown( at Main.testkvm( at Main.main(

Below is a portion of the code:

Connect conn;
    try {
        conn = new Connect("qemu:///system", true);
        Domain testDomain = conn.domainLookupByName("centostest");

    } catch (LibvirtException e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block

Any suggestions?

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You are using read-only connection. Try this:

conn = new Connect("qemu:///system", false);
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