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Using dynamic method calls (#send or #method) the methods' visibility is ignored.
Is there a simple way to dynamically call a method that will fail calling a private method?

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As I know - you need method public_send:

----------------------------------------------------- Object#public_send
     obj.public_send(symbol [, args...])  => obj

     From Ruby 1.9.1
     Invokes the method identified by _symbol_, passing it any arguments
     specified. Unlike send, public_send calls public methods only.

        1.public_send(:puts, "hello")  # causes NoMethodError
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this is not available in ruby 1.8.7 –  johannes Nov 26 '09 at 20:21
Actually, send is sufficient in 1.9 I believe. Rumor has it send cares in 1.9 but send doesn't. But I haven't confirmed this. –  Chuck Vose Nov 27 '09 at 4:21

Use public_send instead of send:

my_object.public_send :method, *args

It's new to Ruby 1.9, so for older Ruby, you can require 'backports/1.9.1/kernel/public_send'.

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If you are using ruby-1.9, you can use Object#public_send which does what you want.

If you use ruby-1.8.7 or earlier you have to write your own Object#public_send

class Object
  def public_send(name, *args)
    unless public_methods.include?(name.to_s)
      raise NoMethodError.new("undefined method `#{name}' for \"#{self.inspect}\":#{self.class}")
    send(name, *args)

Or you could write your own Object#public_method which behaves like Object#method but only for public methods

class Object
  def public_method(name)
    unless public_methods.include?(name.to_s)
      raise NameError.new("undefined method `#{name}' for class `#{self.class}'")
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Thought I don't understand why you want to do so, you can use eval.

class Klass
    def private_method(arg)

k = Klass.new
m = "private_method"
eval "k.#{m}('an arg')"

NoMethodError: private method `private_method' called for #<Klass:0x128a7c0>
    from (irb):15
    from (irb):15
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Eval is realy bad. You need to check beforehand, if m really containts only a method name. l= "inspect; `rm -rf *`; puts" Then the attaker will try to fool you by thinking of something that looks to you like a method name, but realy is not. –  johannes Nov 26 '09 at 16:41

It's true though, eval really is I think the only way to actually do it pre-1.9. If you want to read more about visibility Jamis Buck wrote an awesome article about what method visibility actually means in Ruby.

Much like other things in Ruby visibility is ever so slightly different than other languages.

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If you want to avoid eval, send or public_send, or you want better performance, use the public_method method:


You can add arguments like this:

obj.public_method('my_method_name').call('some_argument_1', 'some_argument_2')

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