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I am using cakephp 2.3.8 and I have this custom route.

Router::connect('/:regione/*', array('controller' => 'ads', 'action' => 'region'), array('regione' => 'WHAT HERE??' )); 

Now, I have to execute this route if my :regione IS NOT starting with the string auth.


example.com/abruzzo   (ok)
example.com/abruzzo/2 (ok)
example.com/abruzzo/3 (ok)
example.com/auth (NO)
example.com/auth/something (NO)

I do not know how to write this regex in this case, because I need to execute the route IF DOES NOT MATCH/START with auth string.

Thank you!

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I think using a negative lookahead should do it:


This should match everything that doesn't start with auth, which means not even authenticate would match.

The internally compiled route regex will look like this:

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