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I'm using windows azure in order to manage my application's data.

I have a custom API called 'shared' that contains app the code handles push notifications. from another API, I can call this method using this code:

var operations = require('./shared').operations;

When I call the same code from a table's 'insert' script I get this error:

Error in callback for table '*****'. Error: Cannot find module './shared'
[external code]
at Object.sendPush [as success] (</table/*****.insert.js>:57:30)
[external code]

Somebody knows how to fix it?

I think the secret as at the url './shared', cause from an API, it on the same path but from table the path is different.

Does anyone knows what is the path for URL requests to add a table row?

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I suceed. By creating a GIT repo I could access to the shared folder. This folder used for things just like this. You can see a documentation in the readme file inside shared folder.

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I wonder if it could be a scoping issue because you are in the callback for your insert script?

You could try moving var operations = require('./shared').operations; to the start of your script, before the insert operation.

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Shared scripts should reside in the service/shared folder. Then you can require them from other scripts using a relative path, like so:

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