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I have two dataframes: tr is a training-set, ts is a test-set. They contain columns 'uid' (a user_id), 'categ' (a categorical), and 'response'. 'response' is the dependent variable I'm trying to predict in ts.

I am trying to compute the mean of response in tr, broken out by columns 'uid' and 'categ':

avg_response_uid_categ = tr.groupby(['uid','categ']).response.mean()

This gives the result but (unwantedly) the dataframe index is a MultiIndex. (this is the groupby(..., as_index=True) behavior):

MultiIndex[--5hzxWLz5ozIg6OMo6tpQ  SomeValueOfCateg, --65q1FpAL_UQtVZ2PTGew  AnotherValueofCateg, ...

But instead I want the result to keep the two columns 'uid', 'categ' and keep them separate.

Should I use aggregate() instead of groupby()? Trying groupby(as_index=False) is useless.

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The result seems to differ depending on whether you do:



tr.groupby(['uid','categ'])['response'].mean()  # RIGHT 
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