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I'm trying to build cocos2d-x hello world project using, it shows me some compile errors. it seems that NDK can't find cocos2d-x sources.first it says:

NDK_ROOT = /cygdrive/c/Android-NDK-r4/android-ndk-r4-crystax
COCOS2DX_ROOT = /cygdrive/c/cocos2d-x/cocos2d-cocos2d-x-6e84662/firstapp/
APP_ROOT = /cygdrive/c/cocos2d-x/cocos2d-cocos2d-x-6e84662/firstapp/
APP_ANDROID_ROOT = /cygdrive/c/cocos2d-x/cocos2d-cocos2d-x-6e84662/firstapp/


Compile++ thumb: game_shared <= /cygdrive/c/cocos2d-x/cocos2d-cocos2d-x-6e84662/firstapp/
In file included from /cygdrive/c/cocos2d-x/cocos2d-cocos2d-x-6e84662/firstapp/
/cygdrive/c/cocos2d-x/cocos2d-cocos2d-x-6e84662/firstapp/ error: CCApplication.h: No such file or directory
/cygdrive/c/cocos2d-x/cocos2d-cocos2d-x-6e84662/firstapp/ error: platform/android/jni/JniHelper.h: No such file or directory
In file included from /cygdrive/c/cocos2d-x/cocos2d-cocos2d-x-6e84662/firstapp/
/cygdrive/c/cocos2d-x/cocos2d-cocos2d-x-6e84662/firstapp/ error: cocos2d.h: No such file or directory

and many more compile errors.

I used cocos2dx website tutorial, I'm using API 10(android 2.3.3) and windows 7 . can anyone help me?

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Try including <Cocos2d-x Root Folder>\cocos2dx\platform\ under Right Click->Properties->C\C++ general->path and symbols-> source folder -> Link Folder It is not able to find CCApplication.h file which could be found under <Cocos2d-x Root Folder>\cocos2dx\platform\android . Hope this helps.

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I don't understand. Where should I change this option. I'm in cygwin terminal trying to execute know that it needs to be connect with cocos2dx files but how? – akrami Aug 4 '13 at 16:51
In Eclipse You should change. have you change eclipse project to c/c++ type in nature ? – lazyandroid Aug 5 '13 at 4:41

COCOS2DX_ROOT = /cygdrive/c/cocos2d-x/cocos2d-cocos2d-x-6e84662/firstapp/ make sure that cocos2dx files are available at that location.

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this folder is where i extracted cocos2d-x and I'm sure that it's files and folders are in this folder. – akrami Aug 5 '13 at 5:36

Try including Cocos2dx folder in your file, the error is telling that it cannot find the source file CCApplication.h which is in the cocos2dx folder.

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please tell me more. how can I do that? – akrami Aug 12 '13 at 1:35

first import the library of cocos2d-x in the eclicips path of lib D:\cocos2d-x-2.2\cocos2dx\platform\android


Add the library of cocos2d-x in your project.

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In file, around line 55, there is $COCOS2DX_ROOT defined with default path like '../../../', which means it will search COCOS2D_ROOT just relative to its current directory. So have a look at that first.

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