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Before I ask a question, I would like to say that I tried to google the answer, but I did not found any satisfying answer. Therefore, let's start from the goal - it is to learn web application development. Since I am amateur the first "sub" question would be - what are the best technologies to start to work with. Also I am very well aware that this is a controversial question, and that it depends on developers preferences. However, I need something to begin with, and I need something with a lots of online support. From present perspective, PHP seems to me as the best choice. Please confirm.

Secondly, when I choose a scripting language, I need an advice which IDE and which framework is "best" to use. I know - another controversial question, but I need an advice. I have Ubuntu and Win 7 installed on my machine. I would prefer to develop applications on Windows. However, I have a feeling this could cause some problems during the development, and that it does not offer as much flexibility as some other platforms. Please comment.

And finally, a most importantly, and the reason for writing this post is the question - how to deploy an app. I have seen tons of tutorials on how to write this-and-that class, functions, forms etc. However, at this point it does not have any value to me - I have to see the most simplest app live, up-and-running, to feel it under my fingertips, and than to start learning about the the advanced stuff. Here a step-by-step tutorial would be an invaluable help.

Looking forward to the answers.


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There is no "best": if there was, then everyone would be using it because there would be no disagreement; but "best" is a subjective criteria, and there is no definitive answer because best means different things to different people –  Mark Baker Aug 4 '13 at 9:44
Personally, I develop with LAMP technologies on Windows 7/8 boxes: I use vagrant for virtual boxes on my laptop; chef for provisioning those virtual boxes; PHPStorm as my ide; use phpunit for unit testing; am still undecided between behat and codeception for story/spec testing; github for version control; phpcs, pdepend and phpmd for static analysis; phpdocumentor for docs; and Capistrano for deployment... YMMV –  Mark Baker Aug 4 '13 at 9:46
I mentioned that I develop on a Windows 7/8 laptop; so, yes it is perfectly possible. The only things you need to watch out for are that case-sensitive errors in filenames doesn't throw obvious errors, and Linux symlinks aren't reflected cleanly on Windows. Vagrant/virtualbox lets me run a Linux guest box as a virtual machine, with filesharing between the virtual Linux box and my Windows folders. –  Mark Baker Aug 4 '13 at 10:11
I use Capistrano for deployments, effectively a CLI one-line command that will handle all deployment cross multiple hosts if necessary, with rollback option if it fails, and options to deploy to test, UAT, production, etc environments, via a pull from github... Others use tools like phing –  Mark Baker Aug 4 '13 at 10:43
I have a Windows 7 and a Windows 8 laptop that I use for all my editing, with vagrant/virtualbox allowing me to run Linux (or other versions of Windows, such as XP) environments that I can use to run my work on all those environments on the same laptop. Without writing a thesis length response - google all the tools that I've mentioned (such as Vagrant and VirtualBox) to understand what they actually give me when I'm working –  Mark Baker Aug 4 '13 at 10:57

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The languages I recommend: PHP MySQL JavaScript HTML5 and if you like you can also explore the world of Flash...

About PHP: For PHP you can use software like net-beans, Dreamweaver or just a normal text editor.I've learned the little things i know about PHP/MySQL/JS code with VI (Unix text editor). I like VI over the other software because it does not give an alert when your syntax is wrong etc. This helped me to learn it a bit quicker, because when you make a mistake you have to find out what it is, instead of just clicking a button and autosolve it.

For private deploying/testing your app you should use localhost. It doesn't matter which platform you use, for PHP I recommend to install multiple browsers for testing, find out which browser you like the most in the development phase and just test with the other browsers if your unsure about compatibility, or if your unsure if it's the browsers fault.

For tutorials I highly recommend Lynda.com



Edit after comment:

You should deploy your web app to your localhost. It will act as a server. It will be available only for you though (in your internet browser). I don't know if there are free hosts out there where you can put some php. just google/youtube guides for setting up a localhost on windows. You will need google skills to learn developing in any language.

Don't bother to much about technology. Just start with a language (I think php suits you the best for now) and try to understand the language and the structure. Realy, just start doing it, don't spend precious time using google to find out these kinds of stuff. Open text editor and follow guides, if the maker of the guide recommends a framework just go download and try it. After you've learned a bunch of php you are able to give yourself a focus to new technology or a new language.

Windows 7 is almost always a good choice. Although I don't like windows (I'm a mac user) Windows is a kind of a standard in many companies and schools. You will be able to do anything with your windows machine as long as it's not Unix(mac) scripting related.

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Thanks for your answer Martijn. However, I don't think it answers my question. Let's try up-bottom approach. My goal was to deploy an web app to a server, and to actually see that a simple app is functioning and is available online. What do I have to do? I would need here a step-by-step guidelines. In the next step a question about the technology opens up. I am well aware that there is not the "best" technology, so I would say I need the best technology and best approaches for my present purposes. Finally, we come to the question about a platform- is Win 7 good choice or I have to change it? –  Adam Aug 4 '13 at 10:09

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