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Due to my Pc's motherboard failure i had to re install hardware and operating system as well. previously it was windowx xp where my svn were installed and configured. My svn repository directory were D:\svn-repos\code\conf..... (version TortoiseSVN-

currently i have installed operating system windows 7

After re installing OS and SVN i am not getting any way out how to map/restore my old repository svn-repos to use. I can create new repository but this is not required. I have to reuse my old repository svn-repos.

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The question isn't clear. Repository is just a bunch of files. –  zerkms Aug 4 '13 at 10:20

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as @zerkms noted, SVN repository is just a bunch of files holding the versionning data!

just place your backed up files (from D:\svn-repos\code\...)
anywhere you like (maybe at the same spot)
and you can just point your WC to the new location or check-out a new Working-Copy.

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