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I have a SPA project using John Papa's great HotTowel.

I have a listservice module in the services folder and function is like:

define(['services/logger', 'models/businessobject', 'config'],
    function (logger, businessobject, config) {

Also I have a businessobject module in the models folder. But when I'm running the app in the listservice module the value of the parameter businessobject is null.

Is there anything I miss do to tell RequireJS or Durandal/Amd that the businessobject module is there?

The content of businessobject.js is like:

function(logger) {
    var BusinessObject = function() {
        var self = this;
        self.id = ko.observable();
        self.typeId = ko.observable();
        self.descriptor = ko.observable();
        self.isNullo = false;
        return self;

    return BusinessObject;

Also, using Firebug, I've checked that the businessobject module is loaded to client.

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Your BusinessObject is not being instantiated in any way. If you are trying to use it to expose various models than you can do so like this -

define([], function() {

    var businessModels = {
         businessObject: businessObject
    return businessModels;

    function businessObject(id, typeid, descriptor, isNullo) {       
        var self = this;
        self.id = ko.observable(id);
        self.typeId = ko.observable(typeid);
        self.descriptor = ko.observable(descriptor);
        self.isNullo = isnullo;

and then from your listservice

var myObj = new BusinessObject.businessObject(1, 2, 'my obj', false);

Or if you just want to have a single module for each model, which seems a bit bulky but surely can be done, you can leave your code as-is and instantiate it normally -

var myObj = new BusinessObject();
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