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I have a horrible situation and I hope you can help.

This morning, the terminal opened in my VM hanged, I tried to access Virtualbox and it went unresponsive. I killed Virtualbox manually and typed vagrant up. Vagrant (vagrant ssh) booted on a VM that pretty much seems the default one and I am terrified that all my work has been lost.

Typing vmboxmanage list vms shows:

wasp_1375609265" {29663113-786b-4b8a-adc8-2edecf06bcff}

which is the same UUID I find on the .vagrant file.

I am on a Mac OSX Montain Lion, the version of vagrant I am using is 1.0.6 and Virtualbox is 4.2.16.

Is there any way I can access the image at the previous state it had before I manually killed it? I can't believe that vagrant or Virtualbox purposely overwrote the image with a default one

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It turned out that I am an idiot and the image was not lost. For some reasons Virtualbox saved it with a cryptic name and vagrant reverted to the default vagrant box wasp_32... when I run it again. I found the image I was looking for simply running all the *.vmdk I found under ~/VirtualBox VMs.

After that I followed the instructions I found here to make vagrant booting the correct image

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The link PO shared is pretty useful. –  Yuming Cao Aug 3 at 19:43

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