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On my webpage I perform an AJAX call to a script which returns multiple lines of JSON as follows:


As the result consists of several chunks of JSON but is not valid JSON as a whole, I set the content type to text/plain. Using JavaScript and mustache.js templating the result then is parsed into HTML. Now, however, I have the problem that Google is indexing the JSON. When a user is searching Google for my site, Google shows my normal URL (e.g. /abc/123) but the snippet only includes the JSON result and not the "templated" HTML content.

I already tried excluding the AJAX results (e.g. from /ajax/abc/123) using robots.txt:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /ajax/

However, that did not help.

Any ideas on how to avoid the indexing of the JSON content? Might setting the content type to application/json help? Would there be any problems as the result as a whole is not valid JSON?

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That robots.txt should work, but note that there will be a substantial delay before the old content is cycled out of the index. You can ask Google to re-crawl your site using Google Webmaster Tools. – T.J. Crowder Aug 4 '13 at 13:12
@T.J.Crowder That robots.txt was updated over a month ago, but probably you are right and they need even more time to update the index. – str Aug 4 '13 at 13:34

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