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If I have a AGPL licensed code, can I accept a patch that contains GPL code?

I would think you can't do the reverse, accept AGPL code into a GPL codebase, but usually you can move from a less restrictive license to a more restrictive license.

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AGPL is incompatible with GPL2; AGPL3 and GPL3 are compatible with each other. See Wikipedia.

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This isn't quite so simple. If you want you embed and link to a GPL library as part of your AGPL project, you can license the whole lot as AGPL but the component retains it's own GPL license. There is a special clause 13 in both license to specific allow this when it shouldn't be possible normally.

You could also do this for a chunk of code like a patch, but because it could merge into the code base rather than being a separate component, managing the license on that part would be a pain. It would be easier to ask for the patch to be licensed under AGPL3.

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