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I am trying to set up a Spring MVC framework application in Netbeans.

When I start servers, I can access http://localhost:8080/ the Apache start page works fine.

Netbeans setup-

File -> New Project...

Choose Project -
Java Web -> Web Application -> Next

Name & Location -
Project Name: springtest
Project Location: /Applications/MAMP/tomcat/webapps
Project Folder: /Applications/MAMP/tomcat/webapps/springtest
Use dedicated folder for storing libraries: unchecked

Server & Settings -
Server: Apache Tomcat
Java EE version: Java EE 6 Web
Enable contexts & dependency injection: unchecked

Frameworks - 
Spring Web MVC


Project is setup as it should be, then I right-click the springtest project and hit run.

Cannot find the webpages folder...

What just happened? The project has been removed from netbeans and if I navigate in finder to my /Applications/MAMP/tomcat/webapps folder, the whole springtest folder has just vanished. Something deleted it when I hit run.

Various Log Files

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