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i am currently working on a 'Add Roster Contact" functionality.

1) I add a new Contact to my Roster with:

var iq = $iq({type: "set"}).c("query", {xmlns: "jabber:iq:roster"}).c("item"  {jid:"",name:"test"});

The Contact is added successfully to my Roster.

2) Send presence stanza of type 'subscribe' to the new contact ('test'):

var subscribe = $pres({to:, type: "subscribe"});

That works, but not every time:

When the person i am adding to my roster ('test') has currently no active session (is not logged in), i get a subscription type of 'none' for the sender, and also a subscription type of 'none' for 'test'.


Receiver 'Test': Subscription 'None'

Sender 'me': Subscription 'None'

When the person iam adding to my roster has an active session, the expected subscription-types 'to' and 'from' are successfully set.

Any idea ?

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Don't use a resource on the to address in the subscription request:

var subscribe = $pres({to: "", type: "subscribe"});

When the user comes online later, they should get notified of your request, and can reply with a <presence type="subscribed"/> stanza. If you put a resource on the to address, odd routing rules may come into play that don't cause your request to be stored.

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