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I am trying to implement quicksort using random pivot

void QuickSort(int *arr,int left,int right){

if(right-left+1 > 2){

    int i = 0,storeIndex = left;
    int pivot = left + (int)(rand() % (right-left+1));


    for(i = left; i < right; i++){

        if(arr[i] < arr[right]){


but this is giving output that is improperly sorted like

unsorted: [81,87,47,59,81,18,25,40,56,0]

sorted: [0,18,25,40,56,47,59,81,87,81]

is something wrong with my algorithm because something similar in python worked fine

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The condition is obviously wrong: if you pass a 2 element array it won't be sorted, because:

left = 0
right = 1
right - left + 1 = 2 not greater than 2
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right-left+1 > 1 works i was kind of mixing python version where we check if len(arr) < 2 thanks – user2007060 Aug 4 '13 at 15:14

I think your for loop should be a while loop.

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