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I have a table

ID | LanguageID | Text
1  | 1          | Abc
1  | 2          | Def

I want to select data so that all rows with the same ID are grouped into one row and each text is selected into a column with the name of its LanguageID. In this particular example the result would be

[ID: 1, 1: 'Abc', 2: 'Def']

Can this be done? How? Thank you

I am using MySQL.

EDIT: Seems like the easiest thing to do is to write a script to merge the rows outside of the database.

EDIT2: I don't know what answer to accept since none works or meets the requirements above.

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Is LanguageID is limited or dynamic ?? –  M Khalid Junaid Aug 4 '13 at 15:23
LanguageID is dynamic. –  Andrew123321 Aug 4 '13 at 15:32

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If you have a fixed number of language ids, then you can do this as:

select id,
       max(case when LanguageId = 1 then text end) as "1",
       max(case when LanguageId = 2 then text end) as "2",
       max(case when LanguageId = 3 then text end) as "3"
from t
group by id;

If you don't know the language ids in advance, then you need to use dynamic SQL to construct the query and then prepare and execute it.

If languageid is dynamic:

select @s = concat('select id',
                   group_concat(concat(', max(case when LanguageId = ',
                                       ' then text end) as "',
                                       LanguageId, '"'
                   ' from t group by id'
from (select distinct LanguageId from t) t;

PREPARE stmt1 FROM @s;
EXECUTE stmt1;
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So there is no way how to do this dynamically in SQL? –  Andrew123321 Aug 4 '13 at 15:26
Any example if languageid is not known or it is dynamic ? –  M Khalid Junaid Aug 4 '13 at 15:27
Gives me several errors: Error in query (1583): Incorrect parameters in the call to native function 'concat' Error in query (1064): Syntax error near 'NULL' at line 1 Error in query (1243): Unknown prepared statement handler (stmt1) given to EXECUTE Error in query (1243): Unknown prepared statement handler (stmt1) given to DEALLOCATE PREPARE –  Andrew123321 Aug 4 '13 at 16:04
The first error disappeared after you made the last edit. –  Andrew123321 Aug 4 '13 at 16:10
select id, group_concat(languageid), group_concat(text)
from t
group by id

SQLFiddle demo


select id, group_concat(languageid, ':', text)
from t
group by id

SQLFiddle demo

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I need separate columns. –  Andrew123321 Aug 4 '13 at 15:19
The OP wants the result set should look like this sqlfiddle.com/#!2/159927/11 but hasn't confirmed that languageid is dynamic or not –  M Khalid Junaid Aug 4 '13 at 15:25
     select id, group_concat(languageid,':', text) as result
     from table1
     group by id


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The OP want languageid as the alias and under this alias text will be listed –  M Khalid Junaid Aug 4 '13 at 15:22

Check this out hope this is what you're looking for: http://sqlfiddle.com/#!2/159927/13

    select id, group_concat(concat(languageid, ' ',text))
    from t
    group by id
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