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I need your help because I'm confusing about what's the best way to solve this problem.

The Problem: I need to implement a solution using mediawiki to construct collaborative manuals and then export the result to one formatted pdf, where people can download it in only one file.

The Cenario: I'm using liferay wiki's and there I have the option to choose between three language formats, Creole, MediaWiki and HTML.

I don't know what's the best way or the best program i can use to export the results of wiki collaboration to one formated pdf.

The Doubts: What's the best language formats to use in wiki and then what's the easier way to export the wiki pages to a formatted pdf using css stylesheet?

Thanks for regards.

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Probably the most robust and well-supported tool for exporting wiki pages as a PDF is Extension:Collection (which uses Extension:PDF_Writer); this is the one used by WikiMedia Foundation for their sites. Wiki Markup Language works fine with this extension, so you don't need to bother with HTML or anything else.

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